PIDC recently installed a 2-module pre-packaged central heating and cooling plant for 10 Wilson Road at The Quad in Cambridge, MA. The system includes 3,750 MBH of condensing hot-water boilers and associated ancillary systems – plus hot-water/chilled-water pumps and a fly-wheel tank for a 200-ton external air-cooled chiller. The off-site construction of the plant was a great choice for the project team, given the aggressive project schedule and the importance of hitting critical milestone dates. The rest of the mechanical roof-top package included; (2) new air-handlers (30,000 cfm/ea) and (4) new general exhaust fans (15,000 cfm/ea). The mechanical design also included energy recovery systems. All new mechanical components were installed on 4,000sf of new structural roof dunnage.

Building upgrades also included interior renovations to 76,000 SF to create new lab ready core and shell space, bike storage, shower rooms, service elevator and elevator machine room, IDF rooms, and renovated bathroom cores on each floor.