PIDC Construction, LLC (PIDC) would like to announce the successful “Substantial Completion” of the MATEP Third Turbine Project. The project began in January 2016, with full construction release in August 2016 and was substantially completed by April 2017.

As Construction Manager, PIDC facilitated the purchase, installation and commissioning of a Titan 130 14MW Duel Fuel Combustion Turbine, 75,000pph Heat Recovery Steam Generator, 3,200 scfm Fuel Gas Compressor and 14pph Urea to Ammonia Conversion Hydrolyzer Emissions Control Skid for Medical Area Total Energy Plant, Inc. (MATEP). The fast track nature of the Project required some early enabling construction work (breeching, utility relocations & selective removals) to be completed concurrently with ongoing engineering and construction services.

PIDC achieved timely completion of the “ISO New England Establish Capacity Test” which allowed MATEP to meet its obligations. The project required over 25 major road closures which PIDC coordinated in conjunction with the neighboring hospitals and the City of Boston. PIDC also successfully completed more than ten (10) days of environmental stack emissions testing to demonstrate compliance with the State of Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection Agency (DEP). The testing was conducted for both natural gas and fuel oil.